Pirate Isle Slot Game

Bravo RTG! Bravo! This is their online 3D slot ever released by Real Time Gaming with the superior graphics of any 2017 online slots. I would dare say the story line and animation even rivals that of the top competitors like NetEnt. Pirate Isle is a 3D video animated online slot; usually these heavy graphic games need to be downloaded with the casino software into the computer to be played, so make sure to do that.

So what is so great about Pirate Isle? Aside from amazing animations this slot finally has some story and characters as you play. RTG (Real Time Gaming) has characterized for not doing this and instead focusing on representing the theme with basic symbols. On this game we have a captain pirate who is a bit loony, a pirate monkey who is obviously the Caribbean pet but who actually seems to run the pirate operation, a German looking hot gal who serves big mugs of beers (with her big bosom well tight), there is an incredibly muscular pirate cannon handler and a rival English Captain who certain is the villain in the game. The bonus features are amazing and 300 spins with 3x multiplier can make a simple $5 bet turn into thousands of dollars in winnings.

The game is really fun, but is it high paying? And here is where RTG turns the barrel, the combos are not that high paying and the hits are reduced due to the large amount of symbols and possible combinations, the betting amount per hand is also large. But the bonus features are very, very juicy. Real Time is known for their large progressive jackpots; here it is below their usual average payment. There is also a little trick with the pay lines, the slot game is a 5 reel 25 pay line, but they are all pre-selected and the player can't do anything about it. The only thing that can be manipulated is the betting coin value which goes from $0.25 to $5, making it an average penny slot but not very suitable for beginners as the minimum bet wound be $6.25 for every spin, so in strategy terms you would need $300 or more as a bankroll just to try your luck on Pirate Island.

So its kinda tricky, they immerse the player into the Fun aspect while their odds of winning money diminish considerably, and take in mind these type of 3D slots attract the low educated type of players that do not focus on a strategy at all, but then again is all about having a good time to them and most online slot players.

Special Features

Starting with the auto play button, it can be adjusted to turbo speed which eliminates the video animations. The max spins are 1,000. The sound and music can be adjusted.

Double clicking on the spin button makes the spin shorter.


Pirate Captain - High paying symbol.

Monkey Pirate Captain - High paying symbol.

Canon Handler - Medium paying symbol.

Enemy British Captain - High paying symbol.

German Bar Girl - Medium paying symbol.

Pirate Key, Wild - The Keys are Wilds and act as a joker besides being a small multiplier. Wilds can replace any other symbol in the game except the scatter increasing the chances of winning.

Parrot - Medium paying symbol.

Ship - Medium paying symbol.

Treasure, Scatter - The treasure chest is the scatter and acts as a 3x multiplier. It will also trigger the bonus round.

Progressive Jackpot

It is said the progressive jackpot is very low, but then again the online slot has been around for little time and there aren´t still many RTG casinos taking on the new game with their players. Expect to see a progressive jackpot more around the 10k.

Bonus Features

The bonus feature is triggered with 2 or more scatters awarding up to 300 free spins. With 3 or more scatters and treasure map shows up as a "pick and win" feature prior to more free spins, select a location on the map which will give you a mystery prize with a max of 5 continual rounds. The feature will also give a 3x multiplier, this will not only multiply winnings but also the free spins. The max free spins won are 100, with the pirate ghost, but the multiplier makes it 300 spins. Wilds will appear more frequently and pirate chests adding additional 15 free spins with 3 or more pirate chests. Overall it is a great bonus feature with huge possibilities of winning big, so the secret to this online slot is the bonus round more than anything else.

There is an additional bonus feature called the Extra Bet Broadside, which first requires the player to activate "extra bet" on the wheel screen. It will cost a few extra coins but it is the only way to win the jackpot. The bonus activates when you hit 3 or more Galleons on the reel. It will take you to a video bonus round where you need to hit enemy Spanish treasure ships. By defeating them you move up to win the jackpot.