Slots Plus Support Team

Apart from the actual winning of money and financial security, the next most important building block to a successful online casino is a responsive support team. A powerful support team creates a safety net for all users who experience trouble or doubt with their experience. The support caters to those who struggle with downloading, deposits, software installations, redemption, and every other need that has to do with Slots Plus.

The team can be contacted 24/7 via their live on site chat system and through a toll-free telephone number (1-888-673-2523).

E-mails that are sent to ( will be replied to within twenty four hours of being received.

What could be better than a team of professionals who exist to make your online gambling life better? Slots Plus values your business and assures all players that responsive and helpful customer service will be delivered to all who reach out.

Five Important Questions and Answers

We receive some questions often so this these five questions and answers should try to clear things up a bit.

Q. Is this legal? A. While this is the internet and international law is complex and national laws vary, you should check the laws that apply to your region before playing. We follow strict local laws.

Q. How does this Online Gambling thing work? A. By downloading our game client and installing it to your computer, you can begin playing the second you place your first deposit.

Q. Can I win real money or is there virtual currency? A. What's a casino without money? Toss those fake chips aside and rest assured we want our players to pad their pockets with actual money. There are no virtual chips or representative prizes only real money.

Q. Does Slots Plus report my winnings for tax purposes? A. Slots Plus keeps all information secure on this website and doesn't supply information with anyone else. Your privacy is important to us.

Q. What currencies do you accept? A. While you can make a deposit with any currency, we will credit your account with US dollars. The dollar is used merely for its simplicity.

The Support you can Rely On

Rest easy with the powerful support options available to you at a moments notice. If anything or anything goes awry an entire team of support team professionals are available at your very whim to direct you through any crisis that may occur. Slots Plus values you and promises to take care of your needs. Rest easy and have fun.