Slots Plus Promotions

Like any online gambling site worth its weight in prizes, Slots Plus offers a heap of special promotions and savings to aid the new and experienced player into its alluring embrace. With special deposit bonuses and rewards for returning players, Slots Plus's primary focus is on the experience and by driving your dollar the farthest with heaps of great savings and of course, winnable funds.

Deposit Bonuses

Slots Plus isn't like other casino sites that match your initial deposits; they double your initial deposit! With your deposit an automated two hundred percent bonus is applied to your money. If you deposit one hundred dollars the casino will award you two hundred dollars and you'll find three hundred dollars in your account! If you are feeling truly lucky and you deposit one thousand dollars you'll find three thousand dollars available for your gambling pleasure. Of course, every other deposit metric in between as well. What's there to lose with a double match on deposits?

The savings don't end after your first deposit. A 125% bonus is available upon your second deposit. Deposits range from a mere twenty dollars to one hundred large. For a second bonus Slots Plus will offer up to a max of twenty-five thousand dollars. With a casino provided coupon code great second bonus should keep you glued to your computer throughout the night.

Weekly Bonus

Aside from initial deposit bonuses, a special weekly bonus is offered throughout the week. These bonuses are normally provided via a coupon code that Slots Plus offers its players. Take a dive into the beauty of promotional saving and strive to win big.

Promotions for Existing Players

Slots Plus doesn't forget about its existing players, but creates promotions catering around even the most veteran online gambler. Every week ten lucky players receive a free one hundred dollar prize. Each week the casino newsletter covers the players who were lucky enough to receive the prize. Can you be one of them?

By simply verifying your account, the casino offers a special bonus. Even better, why not refer a friend to make a deposit as little as fifty dollars and find yourself with a free twenty bucks? It's as simple as having a friend sign up and emailing the casino. Free money for all.

Slots Plus Loyalty Program

Every time you place a wager using real funds, you gain free comp points that are rewarded to your account. Every month your points are counted and you can be awarded special levels that coincide with your amount of points from a modest Silver ($25.00 bonus), a promising Gold ($50.00 bonus), or a high-rolling Platinum (75.00 bonus). Plus, Slots Plus Casino picks five loyalty member players to receive fifty free dollars for being along on the ride.