Pulsar Slots

You'd agree that any slot game title reveals the theme of the game… or at least a clue to it. That is true for the Pulsar slot too. However, do you get the theme yet or do you need more information to figure it out?

We were unsure about the theme behind this one until we loaded the title to play it. And now that we have done that, we'll guide you through our step-by-step review to let you know what we know about it. Are you ready to journey along with us?

The developer of the Pulsar slot

If you wondered whether this one might come from the popular Realtime Gaming brand, well done… you got that bit right.

Prepare for some demo action

We always think this is the best way to learn how a slot game works. You can reserve your cash to play the real thing, of course… but only when you know what to expect.

Did you work out the theme?

If you were thinking anywhere along the lines of a space-themed slot game, well done, because you've got that bit right too.

A 2D design with depth

We love 3D slots - we expect lots of players do. This one doesn't tick that box, but it does offer depth thanks to the range of stars and deep space details supplied. Those form a cool background to the game.

How to play the Pulsar online slot

This is a five-reel game, but as the symbols are all contained within hexagons, the reels stagger from one to the next. It offers a different look which is appealing to see. It doesn't take long to realize there are no jackpots available here though, other than the top prize in the paytable.

If we told you there were no substitutes or scatters in this slot, would you believe us? That is a rare feature, but it is what we get here. Fortunately, a Neutron Star can show up to make things perk up a bit.

You will also see cascading wins occur whenever prizes turn up on the reels. Watch when you receive a prize - your winning symbols are taken out of play, allowing everything from above to fall into those positions. More symbols then appear, dropping into the top spots on the reels. If this leads to another prize (or more than one), you'll end up with another cascade happening. This stops when you finally reach a cascade that results in no new prizes.

The game has fixed paylines

There is no ability to reduce the count from the maximum of 20 lines here.

RTG supplies plenty of wagers to suit all players

This is reassuring to see, especially as the game uses fixed paylines. That is the ideal way to make sure you've got something affordable to work with.

Paytable provided

As you knew it would be, and as always with RTG titles, it covers every element of the game and how to play it.

Bonus details for Pulsar

The Neutron Star holds the key to the bonus feature, although this doesn't occur on another screen. Instead, it happens on the reels whenever the Neutron Star symbol shows up. When this happens, you will see a number next to it. This says one, two, or three, giving the spin quantity remaining until the star explodes. Yes, this is an explosive feature!

The paytable shows what can happen when the star explodes. It does so in one of four ways. These ways relate to the color of the star. The pattern attached to that star removes all symbols in its way. This means new symbols appear in those spots.

Now, while you may think symbols from above drop into place, this doesn't happen here. Instead, the game selects one symbol to appear in each spot. So, that pattern is going to result in lots of identical symbols… and maybe a prize or two if things turn your way.

Free spins don't appear in this galaxy

Unfortunately, no… but that doesn't matter too much. Those stars are the main attraction here.

RTP details

We cannot supply these as RTG hasn't released them.

What's our rating for this game?

To begin with, we felt disappointed that we wouldn't see any wilds or scatters in the game. However, once those stars began to appear, we got into the swing of things and really enjoyed the game. It has earned 8/10 from our point of view, for sure.

How promising are the prizes here?

There are some decent prizes available, but they don't go any higher than 150x your bet, which is a lot lower than many other slots. However, this does suggest a low volatility game that could pay out more often.

Play for entertainment alone if you wish

We would certainly recommend you begin like this, even if you do eventually move on to some real action with Pulsar slots.

Play the Pulsar slot game for real

Now that you know about the available bets here, you know how you can start with a reasonable wager on a real spin of the reels.

Mobile access for Pulsar slots

You knew you'd be able to do this, and you can, on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.