Dancing Wins Slots

When you see a slot game with the word dancing somewhere in the title, working out the theme doesn't take ages. We guessed it before we even loaded the Dancing Wins slot, but we were not disappointed when it arrived.

So… the dancefloor is ready, the mirror ball is spinning, and we hope you are ready to find out more about the Dancing Wins online slot right here.

We won't dance around the developer name

We'll simply reveal that it comes from Realtime Gaming.

Practice your moves before you play for real

Some people dance better than others, but here you can practice the game to see what it is like, just by opting to play the demo instead of the real version.

Have we dropped enough clues for the theme yet?

Dancing is the obvious theme here, and it is not as common a theme as you'd think. That is a shame because it holds tons of potential. This one goes back to the Eighties, too, so if you were around then (as we were), you'll enjoy a trip into the past.

Spot the Rubik's cubes as part of the design!

We loved this touch, although there are other areas of the design that look good too. The mirror ball is there, as we said, and the dancefloor contains lots of sparkly colors.

Start playing the Dancing Wins slot: Here's what's in store

We have five reels to spin, and when those reels stop, three symbols appear on each one. The game doesn't have a progressive involved, so don't expect to see one of those.

A multicolored wild symbol is just about the easiest thing to see, and hopefully it will crop up regularly when you play. There are two great things about this symbol. Firstly, it carries a generous 3x multiplier on all prizes that involve one or more wilds. Secondly, you can net some prizes from the wild alone. In fact, if you find five on the same paid line, you would receive 8,888x your bet!

We also get a scatter symbol to look for, and this is played by the mirror ball. This is the only symbol you cannot replace if you find a wild.

This is a 50-payline slot

You must also cover all those lines, so it doesn't make this the most affordable game for those on smaller budgets.

More info about those wagers

This is a penny slot game, but the 50-line requirement makes it a 50-cent minimum bet too. RTG provides lots of coins to use, and if you went for the biggest one, you'd find yourself wagering $250 on one spin. Be very careful to select the most affordable bet before you do that.

A solid paytable supplied by RTG

It is always important to review the paytable supplied with any slot game, especially if you're new to it or you haven't played for a while. Fortunately, the one supplied with this game does give you lots of information, so you won't fall short of any details you need.

Bonuses are absent here

Nothing that would rate as a bonus round appears in this game.

Those scatters can lead to some free spins

They can and finding three of them would bring you eight spins. However, if you found four or five, that total would increase to 18 or 88 free games, respectively. Quite a good haul there!

If you only trigger eight spins, you'll play them at 1x multiplier. However, four scatters bring a 2x multiplier and the five-scatter trigger awards a 3x multiplier. In all cases, retriggering the games would increase the current multiplier by one. The maximum multiplier for your free games is a cool 10x, so how high can you go?

RTP details for Dancing Wins

RTG doesn't reveal this detail for any of its slots, so it is no surprise to learn we don't have it for this one either.

Our rating is…

Eight out of 10 points. There are some excellent features here, and the unusual theme makes it feel different to play as well. If you want to see whether you agree with our score, the demo is never far away…

What is the best prize worth?

Even though there are no progressives in Dancing Wins, RTG has revealed the biggest prize on one spin of the reels. Few will manage to get this, but it does rank highly, at 50,000x your bet.

Play the demo of Dancing Wins

This is the ideal way to work out whether it has everything you love most about a dance-themed slot… or to try something new.

Look for the real thing too

You'll need to be a member of the casino you're playing the demo at to try the real version, but there are some top deals acting as welcome bonuses if you need to sign up.

Did you know mobile gaming is also fine to try?

Dance toward some prize-winning potential on your Android or iOS device today.