IC Wins Slots

IC Wins Slots

A promising place to begin when we review any slot game is the title. So, what do we make of the IC Wins title?

For IC read icy, as the game features the title in ice with icicles dripping off the letters. Surrounding the title, we can see snowflakes, a snow-filled scene, and four characters. That sets the scene here, so what else might we find as we navigate our route through our full slot game review?

A chilly game from a hot developer

Can there be any hotter than Realtime Gaming? We doubt it, and fortunately from December 2024, we can check this one out as one of their latest releases.

You can try a wintry demo here too

Pull on your gloves, grab that extra jumper, and load the reels on the demo game to find out more about it. What better way is there to find an excuse for a creamy hot chocolate to accompany a spin of these reels?

We've covered the theme already

Yes, and we can confirm this is a wintry slot. Ideal for December, and it doesn't go for the usual Christmas theme you may have expected.

The design takes us into the past

To the Stone Age, going on visuals. There is a caveman, some wild animals, and two totem pole-style stone columns either side of the reels as well. It's disappointing to see the usual letters and numbers there, but they've at least got a rustic look to them.

How to play the IC Wins slot game

There are a couple of surprises here, obvious when you load the game for the first time. Six reels appear rather than five, and each reel has four symbols rather than three. This supplies a huge gaming area that looks cool. One thing we didn't see was a progressive jackpot, but there is plenty more to look for instead.

Look for the roaring fire to appear on the reels, as this is the wild symbol. You can also watch for the IC Wins logo as the game uses this as the scatter symbol.

What about paylines?

There are none of those in this game. That might suggest way wins are in play, and indeed they are. To save you doing the math, a message to the side of the first reel confirms there are 4,096 ways you could net a prize on each spin of the reels.

Does the game offer wagers that appeal to everyone?

We think this is one that has bets at the lower end of things, so if you're looking to make big wagers, this may not be for you. RTG always gives you the chance to choose from a selection of bets though, so check those out in the demo before deciding.

The paytable is as good as ever

Yep, and you should stop here before exploring any more of this frozen landscape. It tells you how the game works, and you'll need that knowledge to work out what's going on when you play.

Does the slot game come with a bonus feature?

There is a random bonus here, yes, but it's not the sort you'll go to on another screen. Instead, it can trigger whenever you get a losing spin. It won't happen on every losing spin, but it does give you something to watch for.

They've labeled this bonus the Guaranteed Re-Spin Win, so you can figure out how it works! The idea is that the reels spin again at no cost to see if they drop a prize for you. This continues until you do get a prize, so while you may see them spin a few times, you know that it is going to end well for you. Once the prize is paid out, you return to playing the game as normal.

Free spins in IC Wins slots

The scatter is going to unlock these, but you need to find three, four, or five of them to ensure this takes place. For those quantities, you'd get eight, 12, or 16 free spins. We know this round includes some multipliers, which could be worth between 1x and 7x, so they hold the potential to hugely increase any prizes found.

Will the RTP appear in the game?

It is unlikely, as the game comes from RTG and we know that they do not tend to reveal this detail.

Our rating for IC Wins

This is a new release, so we don't know how this one is going to pan out yet. However, it has all the best ingredients for a stunning slot game with tons of potential. This would easily garner a score of eight out of 10, but we'd be interested to see if you agree.

Where could the best prizes turn up?

We think the greatest potential is held within the free game feature. They've added the multipliers there to create a better chance of bigger wins, so we think those are the best route through to a cool prize or two.

Play the practice slot game first

You cannot know whether this IC Wins slot game is ideal for you unless you try it. Fortunately, the demo means there is zero risk in doing so.

Will you play for real this winter?

The game looks good and may make you feel chilly, so wrap up and grab a hot drink before you play the real thing.

Mobile accessibility: Play on Android and iOS

All new games from RTG work fine on these platforms. Tablets and smartphones give you access to the touchscreen controls you'll need to play the game.