Vegas Lux Slots

Think of Las Vegas and your mind will take you there. You'll imagine the famous sign, the straight road with casinos on either side, lights, that famous fountain, and much more besides.

You don't need to go anywhere to check out the Vegas Lux slot game though, as you'll realize when you read our full review of the game. There is a lot to get through here, so let's not delay - let's see whether the Vegas Lux game delivers on its early promise.

Can you figure out who created this title?

There are no clues to go on, really, so let's just reveal that we are in safe hands here with Realtime Gaming.

Is there a practice option to choose?

Yes, you can always try the slot to work out whether it has enough involved to tempt you into a real spin or two.

No surprises with the theme

When Vegas pops up in the title, you know the type of game you are going to play - or at least where it is set. No surprises here on that one.

Expect a Vegas-themed design too

Some slots never have much in the background, but thankfully that isn't true of this one. They make the most of the Vegas setting to create the theme and drive the game forward. Card suits occupy the cheaper 'seats' here, with other symbols representing the more expensive symbols. Look out for a guy in a tuxedo with shades on… he is one of the best to see.

Diamond reels begin the game

This means the five reels in the game each have differing quantities of symbols, going through 3-4-5-4-3 in that order. It makes every spin way more appealing. One thing you may not even realize is absent is a progressive jackpot.

The wild has taken on a true Vegas style, mirroring the famous sign for the city. It can appear on reels two, three, and four, which are the biggest ones of all, of course. It might also appear in stacks on any or all those reels.

The scatter says FREE GAMES on it, so that can be useful to find along the way. This one can appear on all the reels, and indeed you will want it to if its role is going to unlock some of those games for you.

No paylines here

No, but we get 720 ways to find some winning combinations instead. Way more than the typical 243 ways on a 5 x 3 set of reels.

Place one bet on each spin

This makes sense as you wouldn't wager 720 coins on one spin. Instead, the creators have given us a standard multiplier to work out the bet. Just use that with your selected coin to work out where you stand.

Don't forget to check out the paytable

With lots of symbols displayed there, you'll soon find out where the prizes lie and how to get them. Make sure you review this before you take your first spin of the reels… even in practice mode.

No bonuses in this game

Nothing that happens on another screen, and no on-reels bonuses either.

How many free spins can you earn?

We know there are free games here as that is what the scatter promises. You do need more than usual to unlock the round, since one is required on every reel to do this. You'd receive eight games in that case.

However, there are some other possibilities here. The FREE GAMES scatter also has the power to appear in stacks, and when it does, while also landing at least once per reel, special things can occur.

The game awards eight spins per combination of five scatters, with one needed per reel to count. This means that if you find five scatters on the middle reel and only one on each other reel, that will count as five individual combinations. Eight times five? That adds up to 40 free games!

Do we know the RTP value?

No, as the game comes from Realtime Gaming, and they habitually leave this information out of their games.

Our rating for Vegas Lux

This is going to rank as an eight out of 10 game for us. There are some cool features here, including the multiple free games feature. You never can tell how that one might play out.

Does the maximum prize come in lower than you think?

Yes - we've seen other games holding a much bigger top prize worth way more than the 1,320x we see here. However, we think you could still collect some decent prizes if you manage to trigger several sets of free spins here.

Play for entertainment in Vegas Lux

Even if you are nowhere near Vegas, you can still enjoy the feel and look of the city by checking out this game. No need to make any real wagers unless you want to.

The real version is at all RTG casinos

If you're a member already, you're good to go. If not, signing up is simple enough and should bring you a deposit bonus too, so watch out for that.

You can also play on mobile

Yes, the game is available on Android and on iOS if you are interested in playing without sitting at a computer to do so.