Pharaohs Gold Slot Game

Pharaoh's Gold is one of the simplest online slots from RTG, it does not even feature the typical free spin bonus round or progressive jackpot. Instead it offers a higher payout rate with more combos on a 3 reel with 3 possible ways to mark winning lines. There is a small jackpot of 100 coins triggered with a full line of scatters.

This is a Real Time Gaming product, so even considering the gaming graphics and theme to be fun and engaging would be ridiculous. Pharaoh's Gold, Pharaoh's Temple, and Pharaoh's Fortune is a name theme followed by all online slot producers and there are even classic brick and mortar slots with that name, so it's even hard to know which one is which. The most popular around right now is Pharaoh's Gold II.

So is this online slot worth it? Many experienced gamblers that focus on the total turnout or possibilities of winning the most amount of bets suggest not to discard this classic slots with less features with a high combo conversion. The casino industry has been made in such a way that the more a game seems to give, in terms one multiple bonus rounds with a large amount of pay lines, the less chances you have to win. While the simple 3 reels with no bonuses offer a higher hit turnover of pay lines. It's logical, the fewer symbols and reels increases the rate of hit combinations despite its simplicity.

Pharaoh Slot Strategy

There are no active community claims that Pharaoh Slot is one of the secret money makers but it falls under the category of classic slots with the potential to do so. Players can test a betting strategy here, with a series of low bets with high bets every 5 or 10 bets. The goal is to "get the feel" of how often the reel hits a winning combo and only increase your bet when it does so. This is not a modern strategy as casinos prefer that you focus on having "fun" instead of trying to crack the machine, this is why they keep adding video game elements to new slots.

Symbols and Game

Themed after Ancient Egypt the slot focuses on depicting symbols from that time, mostly hieroglyphics in a rustic setting. The entire design seems to emulate the classic real Vegas Slots instead of the digital ones.

This is a penny slot but not one of the lowest ones, bets go from $0.25 to $5, for a maximum bet of $15. There is no Double of Nothing feature on any RTG slot or the comfortable auto spins.

There are 3 reels with the 3 pay lines instead of the usual 20 or 25 from the most modern online slots RTG usually has. There are modern features like the Wild, but no scatter. There are only 4 symbols in the entire game with 1 special one, which is the best news and key element to win. The less, the more chances of hitting combos.

Snake - The highest paying symbol. This is the only symbol in the game that pays with only 2 on the reel, the rest of combos require the full three.

Scarab - A high paying symbol.

Golden Mask - A high paying symbol. The Golden Mask will be the equivalent to a scatter (but no scatter here), with three you trigger the fixed jackpot of 100 coins which is the closest you will get to a bonus.

Pharaohs Eye or Horus Eye - A medium paying symbol. It is also the Wild and acts as a joker, replacing any other symbol on the reel. It also acts as a small multiplier with 2 or more on the combo increasing the bet's value.

Egyptian Crosses - A low paying symbol. These ones don´t take part in any winning combos.

So give Pharaoh's Gold online slot a test run just to see if this is your money maker. I guarantee it will bore you, but there is always a chance it will enrich you far more than the most entertaining of slots.