Caesar's Empire Slots

Can you imagine what ancient Rome was like to live in? Julius Caesar famously ruled over the empire for a time, until he was murdered in the Senate. Fortunately, that gruesome event doesn't factor into the Caesar's Empire slot game. We do, however, get a chance to find out more about those times as a backdrop to this theme.

While the slot has been around for a few years now, it's still packed with potential. We find out more here.

Who created Caesar's Empire?

You could say Caesar himself, but here we mean the slot game - and the answer is RTG.

Demo access is simple

Just load the practice version of the slot and you're ready to try it out without spending any money on it.

The theme is an obvious one

Whenever someone famous is part of a slot game title, there are no surprises about the theme. That is true of this game as well.

An older design still looks quite good

This does look dated when you compare it to modern slot games. However, it still has plenty of appeal. We liked the look of it and the basic nature of those symbols and the display above the reels sets the mood nicely.

What to expect when you play Caesar's Empire slots

Five reels load quickly here, offering three symbols on each when every spin completes. The creator has displayed the progressive jackpot above the reel set. No clues are given to the method for winning this, which means it likely works on a random combination of symbols appearing in a spin.

The wild in this game does feature Caesar, but in this instance, it shows his face on a rough gold coin. This can land on any of the reels from one through four. Only the final one is out of bounds. Whenever you get a prize involving a wild symbol, you'll receive three times the usual prize amount.

There is only one symbol that you cannot replace with the wild. As you might suppose, this is the scatter. It is shown as the famous Coliseum.

Are you looking for paylines in this game?

If you are, you'll find 20 of them to bet on. While they are variable, missing out any of them could mean you miss a prize, too.

This qualifies as a penny slot

That means the 20 lines involve a 20-cent wager if you're ready to cover all of them. There are a few other coins to think about using, but the biggest gets no larger than 10 cents.

Paytable info for Caesar's Empire

The paytable explains how to play the game and displays all the relevant symbols you may encounter along the way.

Bonuses don't appear in this game

That may disappoint you, but don't be too disheartened just yet.

Free spins are up for grabs here

This is no ordinary free spin feature either. There are 10 games to get, and you must find them with a Caesar wild on any of the first four reels and the Coliseum on the final reel at the same time. A 2x multiplier is available for these games. Better still is the fact that the gold coin wild symbol can appear on the final reel during play too.

While you may spot the scattered Coliseum in action in these spins, it doesn't function as such. In fact, all Coliseums appearing in the free games transform into Cleopatra. Maybe you have heard of her..? She is responsible for delivering the best prizes in this slot game, so that is a cool feature to have on hand.

No return to player percentage is available

RTG knows what it is, of course, but they do not release this detail with any of their games.

Does Caesar's Empire still stand up well today?

There is no doubt that this is an older game - plenty of others have been released by RTG since this one. However, it still deserves a score of 8/10, thanks to the free spin trigger and the way it plays out. And of course, you've also got those multipliers helping you along the way.

How big does the jackpot get?

It depends how long it goes between prizes. Obviously, the longer the gap the bigger the pot becomes. However, anyone managing to trigger the prize is going to be happy to receive it.

Will you try the demo?

You should, especially if you're unsure about playing an older game from RTG. This one still has plenty of punch.

Play this penny slot for real if you like the demo

It is certainly an affordable game, especially with just one cent per line available to start with.

Can you access it on mobile platforms?

Yes, you should be able to play this one on Android and iOS.