Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits was a massive hit for its creator, enough for them to release (to date) two sequels to the title. We thought it was time to revisit the original to discover why players loved it so much. While you can play the three slots in any order, we suggest starting with this one, so you can see how the series developed. It may now be the oldest of the three, but it has some treats in store for you still…

Who created the popular game?

This one hails from Realtime Gaming.

Don't miss the chance to spin the reels of the demo version

This is a great one to start with, giving you some insight into how the features and game controls work.

Does the theme really involve bandits?

Yep, and if you play the three games one after the other, you'll see them return in the other games as well.

Expect a cartoon-style design

The game looks superb here, offering cartoonish graphics to keep the theme nice and light. You'll want to see inside the vault, but we'll come to that part later…

How to play the Cash Bandits original slot game

Five reels load when you get ready to play this game. It's a progressive slot as well, so you've got that to go for on top of the usual prizes.

RTG has given the role of the wild to the bank vault symbol. They've created a scatter too, in the shape of a police shield. It looks as if the cops are after the bandits, but we guess that makes sense. The usual rule of wilds replacing everything except for the scatter is in action here too.

How many paylines can you play on?

There are 25 available, and as usual we suggest covering them all, so you don't miss any prize potential.

Can you play this from a penny per line?

You can, yes, which keeps the cheapest bet as a quarter per spin with all lines covered. There are other coins too, but the biggest one tops out at 25 cents, so there are no massive wagers available here.

Paytable accessibility

The paytable is marked here as HELP & RULES, so you can spot that message to the right of the fifth reel to access the paytable.

Getting into the bonus vault

Have you heard about this famous feature? This is one of the reasons why Cash Bandits and its sequels are so popular. The focus is on free games, but the Vault feature begins with something else, so you can find out how many games you get in there.

Find three scattered badges to go into the Vault Bonus. When you arrive, you are given five free spins along with a 2x multiplier. The idea is to see how much more you can find.

Four vaults are inside the room you go into. Each one requires a code to open it. The keypad waits for your input, so start picking numbers to see if you can pop any of those doors open. The better you are at doing this, the more spins and multipliers you'll get.

If you managed to open all the vaults, you would receive a total of 90 free spins and a 12x multiplier.

Free spins are the aim here

And that Vault Bonus is where you'll find them…

Do we know how high the RTP value goes?

No, as nothing concrete is ever published for the Realtime Gaming collection of slots. We've seen figures of between 95% and around 97.5% for this one, so that gives you an idea.

Do we love the Cash Bandits game?

We do, but we guess you figured that much out already, right? The Vault Bonus is rightly well-known now, and we can confidently give this game a 9/10 score owing to that alone.

Look for progressive jackpot winners

Occasionally you'll hear about someone managing to scoop one of the jackpots in this game. That aside, we wonder whether someone would be able to net a decent total prize out of the free game feature.

Discover Cash Bandits via the demo

When we first spotted this game, we played the demo for long enough to trigger the vault feature. We could then work out how to play it and what the potential was. It's a superb way to find out more about it.

Play for real at participating casinos

There are lots of RTG-powered casinos around, and they'll all have this exciting game ready for you (along with those sequels we mentioned).

Meet the bandits on mobile too

You can play on mobile devices as well, so if you're keen to find out more about the Cash Bandits, you can pick up an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone to do it that way too.